Monday, January 14, 2008

Fall 2007. Class Presentation. Drake University.

In my management class, we were assigned to make an informative presentation on business ethics as it relates to management. A classmate and I worked on this video, and I casted actors from the theater department at Drake. Our video was voted one of the top three presentations in the class. [click the image to download the video]

Spring 2007. Video Audition.

G4 Tech TV held a video contest to find show hosts for a tour through Canada in the summer of 2007. The videos would be voted on by the public to choose the hosts who had the most passion and personality. I directed and edited this video for my friend, who then won the contest to become the new host.

Spring 2007. Success Institute.

In February members my business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, traveled to Chicago to attend a success institute. I put this video together to show the rest of chapter how the trip went.

Fall 2006. Video Audition.

Gamehead, a show on Spike TV, held auditions for people to get a spot on the show. In the audition piece, contestants were to tell viewers why they should appear on Gamehead for the Call of Duty 3 Challenge. My video submission was one of the winners and I was chosen to be on the show.